Why we do it?

The numbers are staggering.

3,003 – schools and dormitories shut down.

151,967 – people being dismissed from their job,

77,524 – people being arrested.

But these aren’t just numbers.

They are officers, reporters, lawyers, judges, teachers, academicians, artists, authors, sportsmen.

They are mothers and children.

Hundreds of women are in pretrial detention in jails across Turkey with their infants.

Hundreds of human right violation reports published after the coup attempt by Amnesty InternationalHuman Right FirstHuman Rights Watch and UN human rights.

Those who wish to oppose the current practices feel threatened and unable to safely protest without risking the safety of their families and themselves. Some attorneys were handcuffed in court while representing their clients.

According to the latest The World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index, Turkey ranks 101 out of 113 countries.

People cannot voice this brutality to the world because there is no freedom of speech.

189 media outlets have been shut down.

319 journalists have been arrested.

According to the freedom house report, freedom of press status in Turkey is “not free”. Turkey ranks 151 out of 180 countries.

We are not interested in who is doing this or why are they doing this or can somebody do this. We are just interested in bringing relief to the innocent victims of this historical calamity.

As with all human tragedies, the ultimate victims are women and children. They are deeply suffering, both socially and economically.

Formal measures against them eliminate all options for:

       – having a job,

       – receiving healthcare,

       – sending their kids to school,

More subtle and at at the same time more devastating, they live in an atmosphere of social isolation, imposed upon them and their families.  They are shunned.

A sort of caste system now exists, with even basic human rights denied to these persecuted masses.

They are not accepted as fully human. This level of discrimination is literally a few steps before the genocide and can be described as social death.

In some families, both parents were put in jail and their children are left trying to survive without their parents.

More than 682 mothers have been put in overcrowded jails with their children without a separate place or bed.

In summary, Approximately, about one million people are affected in one way or another by the ongoing purge. There is an ongoing untold human tragedy that requires attention and action.

With these developments in mind and the urgent need to address this situation of the persecuted and purged masses inside and outside Turkey, we have been exchanging ideas on what needs to be done to make a difference in their lives for the sake of universal humanitarian values.

We believe that starting a new charity or human rights organization, in coordination with other non-profit organizations, would be a fast and effective step to help these victims of social death and to raise awareness of these silenced, isolated and discriminated innocents in Turkey and other countries who are in the same condition.

While aware of the highly charged political nature situation, we would like to kindly highlight that Blue Tulip Human Rights Center is solely focusing on addressing the humanitarian side of the issue.

Blue Tulip Human Rights Center