E.U. Interpreter Says Greece Expelled Him to Turkey in Migrant Roundup

The man’s story echoes complaints from human-rights groups that Greek authorities often expel asylum seekers indiscriminately and violently. ATHENS — For years, Greek officials have denied complaints from human rights groups that the country’s border agents have brutalized migrants and

United Nations General Assembly released a report on Means to Address The Human Rights Impact of Pushbacks of Migrants on Land and at Sea

Numerous submissions have raised concerns regarding Greece’s border governance at both its land and sea borders with Turkey. Situated on the Eastern Mediterranean migration route, Greece deploys border and coastguard patrol teams as part of national and joint European Union

Greece: Pushbacks and violence against refugees and migrants are de facto border policy

23 June 2021, 00:01 UTC  Greece: Pushbacks and violence against refugees and migrants are de facto border policy  Amnesty International reveals new evidence of torture, ill-treatment and illegal pushbacks of refugees and migrants to Turkey  People apprehended and detained up to 700km away from the border before being transferred and returned at the land border with Turkey  Amnesty calls on the EU border